Welcome to Link 2 Labs

Link2Labs CEO and founder Wayne Gosbee worked in the Texas Medical Center (TMC) for over twenty years, where he noticed that many of those he assisted did not have insurance. Less than a mile away from his office, in contrast, there was a church that not only offered free food, but also provided free screenings for several conditions, including hepatitis C. So Gosbee decided to help those who had no insurance or had to pay high rates due to their high deductible, or simply the ones who can’t afford much, and founded Link2Labs, which offers blood tests at only a fraction of their regular costs, and link these individuals into care throughout Texas.

Link2Labs specializes in hepatitis C tests labs, based on the individual’s physician’s treatment plan: Initial screening, Baseline/Pretreatment, Week 4, Week 12, and Post 12 week labs.  They also offer resources and options for hepatitis C patients such as telemedicine, clinics, and providers (Texas only, for now).

Link2Labs has access to thousands of discounted labs in Texas that are not listed on the site so feel free to contact us via email (admin@link2labs.com) or by phone (844-254-6524 x1).  Link2Labs offers approximately 170 of the most common lab tests in 45 states, and this list is growing every few months as more individuals continue to ask for certain labs. Link2Labs also offers the cheapest STI/STD tests in Texas, soon for the rest of the country.

Link2Labs utilizes Quest Diagnostics 2,200 locations for all its phlebotomy draws, the largest laboratory processing company in the country. Results are ready between 2 and 5 days depending on the lab ordered. Contact Link2Labs if no results after 7 days.