Are you seeking or undergoing treatment for Hepatitis C?

It can be tough to live with and manage. Accessing and going through treatment is essential – the latest medications can cure most forms of hepatitis C in just 12 weeks. Today, though, we want to talk about a free resource to help you manage your diagnoses. Pack Health is a coaching company that provides one-on-one support on your schedule for your journey with hepatitis C.

Free Hepatitis C Testing - TEXAS ONLY

If you think you are at risk for Hepatitis C or know someone who is, call us today at 844-254-6524 X 0. Get tested today!

New Company Offers Low-Cost Blood Tests, Aiming To Help The Uninsured

The early detection through blood tests of many serious diseases, especially cancer, is the key factor to have a chance of overcoming them, but for those not covered by insurance --44 million Americans, with another 38 million with inadequate coverage, according to several reports-- the costs of those very tests are a major obstacle.